Half-day Tutorial (4-hours) to be held at the Digital Humanities Conference 2019 in Utrecht, 8th July 2019 from 14.00pm.

The tutorial has the following objectives:

We are preparing the agenda for the day. If you plan to attend the tutorial, help us by completing this this form.

Contents and target audience

The tutorial will be organised in three sessions: 1) Linked Data in a nutshell; 2) Producing and consuming Linked Data; 3) Hybrid methods for working with texts and LD. The content will be tuned to accommodate a wide range of participants, spanning from the student that is curious to hear more about LD to the humanist hacker that looks for a robust toolkit to apply to her research. One output of the tutorial will be an openly accessible and persistent registry of reusable resources for developing linked humanities applications.

Agenda (under development)

We are preparing the agenda for the day. If you plan to attend the tutorial, help us by completing this form.

In the meantime, you can look at the proposal.

About the Organisers

Enrico Daga has a PhD in Artificial Intelligence and has carried out research on Web Semantics and Ontology Engineering since 2006, first at the Italian National Research Council (CNR) and then at the Knowledge Media Institute of The Open University in the UK, where he leads the OU Linked Data initiative (data.open.ac.uk). He has played key roles in R&D projects related to the development of intelligent systems for Ontology Engineering (NeOn) and Smart Cities (MK:Smart). Currently, he is exploring the application of knowledge-based methods to support scholarship in the humanities (e.g. the LED project). A former student of Music and Performing Arts (University RomaTRE), Enrico is founder and chair of the WHiSe Workshop on Humanities in the Semantic Web.

Aldo Gangemi is full professor at University of Bologna, and associate researcher at Italian National Research Council, Rome. He has co-founded the Semantic Technology Lab (STLab) at ISTC-CNR. His research focuses on Semantic Technologies as an integration of methods from Knowledge Engineering, the Semantic Web, Linked Data, Cognitive Science, and Natural Language Processing. He has worked in many different domains, including Cultural Heritage, where he has designed ontologies and linked data (Luoghi della Cultura, ICCD’s ArCo) for the Italian Ministry of Cultural Heritage. He has published more than 250 papers in international peer-reviewed journals, conferences and books, and seats as EB member of international journals. He has worked in several EU projects related to LOD such as WonderWeb, Metokis, NeOn, and IKS.